Draw Line : Color


“Draw Line: Color” is an easy logic puzzle involving finding paths to connect dots in a grid.

• Pair up all the matching dots on the grid with single continuous lines.
• DOTs have to fall at the end of each line.
• LINEs can’t branch off or cross over each other.
• All the cells in the grid are filled.

• Many free levels
• Different board sizes
• Colorful Dots and UI
• Musical Sound Effects

X Bubble Mania

How to play – just tap on the game board where you want the ball to place.

This is the must played bubble shooter. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to pop and drop your way to victory.

– Many levels of Challenging Puzzles!
– Exciting Animations and playful music!
– FREE updates with new puzzles and powers!



Candy Champion


Are you candy fan? Are you matching game fan? If so, Candy Champion your best choice! Candy Champion is a widely addictive Candy Matching Game. Candy Champion is a sweet, super cute game! Funny fast match to matching candys and make them crush, trying to score as many points as possible! Click on two or more adjacent candy star, making them explode! Once begin to play Candy Champion, its sweet and delicious,you can not stop it !

If you have already played candy star or popstar,you will also love Candy Champion! Every time you pass 5 stages,you can get a new Candy! To be the Candy Champion,you should collect as many Candys as you can. Please note that Candy Champion is completely free, but there will be some advertising, which is to help us develop better games. Is there any sweeter game for you than candy Champion?Let’s start the Amazing Journey now!

How to Play:
• 1.Tap on two or more same candy to make them burst
• 2.Scoring the target points to level up
• 3.Don’t rush! No time limit!
• 4.Every time you get over 5 levels,you can meet new candys.

Tiny Mon

Evolution is an interesting process. Monster can combine two into one, which make it stronger and stronger. Use the swipe gestures, to move left, right, up and down. Each swipe will move the whole row or column. Try to get the final form of the monster!

* 12 forms of monster
* Enjoy beautiful hi-res artwork
* COMPLETE your magical monster collection!

Plat Boy

Merry Christmas Theme is now available!
Plat Boy is a runner game. Its scene is under low pixel and the character is cute and lovely. Simply click on the screen to make the character jump over the barrier and edge. The world will auto moving from right to left, just keep the character in the screen.

Hero Dean is from “Hakuna Island”. He need to collect many mushroom and flowers.So he came to dangerous “Plat Island”.”Plat Island” is old and crashing. Everywhere is dangerous, so Dean has to move all the time. Watch out and avoid falling down to the sea.There is some monster still live on the “Plat Island”. They are annoying because they will stop you moving. Try to stay away from them.The mushroom here is magical and can heal. That’s why Dean come here to collect them. It’s for his love Teresa, who is badly sick. So try it hard! Will Dean successfully save his love?
* Three levels free, one for simple ,the other for normal, the last is hard
* Mushroom, flowers and toads are scores, get as many as you can
* Soft music
* Be careful of the monster moving in
* Christmas theme

Sky Fire

You play the role of an air force, your duty is to destroy the enemy at the same time to save as many people.
You need to pay attention to the thick clouds and low-level buildings to prevent the crash.
Each aircraft can only be issued five bullets.
Rule of the game is very simple, through the phone’s accelerometer to move the aircraft, tap the screen to fire bullets.
Enjoy the game.