Game Development(#4)


1.YouTubers get a cut of game sales they promote at new daily deal site aims to sell one game per day at a discount price, with help from “influencers” who will promote the game on platforms like Twitch and YouTube — in return for a cut of the proceeds.

2.PlayStation VR launches October 2016 for $399

Today at a special event held alongside GDC in San Francisco, Sony announced the price and release date for PlayStation VR

3.An update on the Chinese mobile game market

“TalkingData released its latest report discussing China mobile game industry benchmark of January 2016. The top one game genre of pay rate still goes to RPG.”



1.Survey: Work-for-hire is the most common way indie devs pay bills

After conducting an informal poll of indie game makers last month, indie developer and Finji Games co-founder Adam Saltsman has published the results on his blog this week.

2.Mobile in-game ads: Getting the balance right

“Formulating a good in-game advertising strategy is essential for maximizing the value of a mobile game. All too often, developers view serving in-game ads as a necessary evil.”




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