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Game Development(#5)


1.isney sees ‘great opportunity’ in the overcrowded mobile market

“The handwringing and the bearishness is way overwrought. To me, mobile is becoming a real business,” Disney Interactive’s Chris Heatherly told GamesBeat at GDC last week.

2.Indie devs discuss the pros and cons of Steam refunds

If you buy a game on Steam and play it for for less than two hours, you are allowed to ask for a full refund with no questions asked. This can be seen as a positive development that will make players more willing to take a chance on an unfamiliar title. But it is also a cause of concern for many developers.


1. It’s not an easy life to be an indie game developer

It’s not an easy life to be an indie game developer. I am an indie game developer, I have a few friends (artists, programmers, musicians) which are indie game developers and we all struggle to succeed in launching our games.

2.Blog: The real costs of indie iOS dev

” I’d like to share our general report about costs and timing forThe Fall of Gyes kinetic novel development. I believe that might help to other Indie devs who plan to develop similar titles.”


1.Combining Perspective and Orthographic Camera for Parallax Effect in 2D Game

“The best way is to get the best of both. Setup perspective cameras to render parallax layers and use the orthographic camera to render main plan with character, platforms, puzzles, etc.”


publish my new game “Damn Daniel : Twist Game” !!

It’s a fun game with simple gameplay. Touch left to make player jump left, and touch right to make player jump right. Keep the player on floor and not fall down the tile!

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Game Development(#4)


1.YouTubers get a cut of game sales they promote at new daily deal site aims to sell one game per day at a discount price, with help from “influencers” who will promote the game on platforms like Twitch and YouTube — in return for a cut of the proceeds.

2.PlayStation VR launches October 2016 for $399

Today at a special event held alongside GDC in San Francisco, Sony announced the price and release date for PlayStation VR

3.An update on the Chinese mobile game market

“TalkingData released its latest report discussing China mobile game industry benchmark of January 2016. The top one game genre of pay rate still goes to RPG.”



1.Survey: Work-for-hire is the most common way indie devs pay bills

After conducting an informal poll of indie game makers last month, indie developer and Finji Games co-founder Adam Saltsman has published the results on his blog this week.

2.Mobile in-game ads: Getting the balance right

“Formulating a good in-game advertising strategy is essential for maximizing the value of a mobile game. All too often, developers view serving in-game ads as a necessary evil.”




Game Development(#3)


1. Former Angry Birds devs raise $759,000 to create new mobile RPGs

Finnish mobile startup Kopla Games, founded last year by a group of former Angry Birds developers, has raised €700,000 ($759,000) in seed funding to create original action RPGs for mobile.


1、Why I stopped making games… and started again

Have u ever want to stop making games? Read this blog and you might find something for you.

2、5 Common in-game advertising mistakes


1.Unity and the editor tools

“Working with Unity, even if you need to create your own stuff sometimes, is bliss when you can solve the little problems with a few lines of code and a tool that saves you hours of time on the long run.”