Monthly Archives: January 2016

Game Development(#2)


  1. App Annie scores $63 million investment

Mobile analytics specialist App Annie has closed 63 million in total financing.


  1. Five things I’ve learned about games marketing

Game marketing is hard for indie game developer. Read this post and learn from Hannah Flynn about games marketing.

2. Lead Programmer: less programming, more humaning

“We often find leaders that know exactly what to do code wise, but not exactly what to do with the people working around them. This article will touch mainly two aspects of the lead programmer.”


Tanks Tutorial

New amazing and fun tutorial on Unity Tutorial was found. It show us how to develop a 3D tank game in Unity.


Developing a new game this week, it’s a game about restaurant and cooking. Our designer Xiao Lin has draw some picture for it. Let’s have a look.


Game Development(#1)


1.5 Criteria of a Successful Mobile Game

Want to make a successful mobile game, see what’s the criteria.



1.Shader tutorial: CRT emulation

One of the developers of Punch Club (formerly VHS Story) offers an excellent introduction to coding your own Unity shader to replicate the look of a classic CRT screen.

2.How to Design Levels With the “Super Mario World Method”

This post is part of a series called The “Super Mario World Method” for Level Design.

3.A Good Puzzle Game Is Hard To Build

This tutorial show you how to make a good puzzle game and tell you how hard is it.